Our land

Nikisiani of Kavala

Nikisiani is famous for its many monasteries and chapels that you should visit.

In particular, the Holy Monastery of Eikosifoinissi, one of the oldest monasteries in our country, which is a place of attraction for many tourists worldwide. The Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos and the monastery of Agios Dimitrios. The Vranokastro that stands high in Paggaio offers an unbeatable view when you are there.

Also near us are the archeological site of Philippi, the Cave of Alistrati, the Mud Baths of Krinides and the archaeological site of Amphipolis, with the dazzling statue of the lion. In addition, in less than half an hour you are given the opportunity to enjoy the deep blue beaches of Nea Ipakleitsa, Peramos and Ammolofon.

The geographical location of the settlement is in an advantageous position because in just 20 “-25” minutes you can be in the city of Kavala and Drama.

Customs - Holidays

Of our land

Every year on January 7, the custom of the Arabs in Nikisiani is revived. Men in disguise cause awe and fear as they pass through the alleys and neighborhoods of the village.

Shrove Monday is celebrated in a special way. From early in the morning the residents gather in the courtyard outside the I.M. Timiou Prodromou and with traditional music enjoy bean soup and kite flying.

On the feast of Agios Georgios, the chapel of Agios celebrates, offering fresh milk, egg and a traditional bun. In the neighboring village (Paleochori) on July 20, the Prophet Elias is celebrated with the custom of Chania.

On August 15, I.M. Panagia Eikosifoinissis celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, gathering thousands of visitors and pilgrims from all over the world. At the end of October, in the chestnut forest of Paleochori, hundreds of people flock to enjoy the beauty and taste the chestnut fruits.

On November 21, in the village of Nikisiani, the Entrances of the Virgin Mary are celebrated, whose church is also the patron saint of the village.