Traditional Guesthouse in Nikisiani, Kavala

Traditional Guesthouse

Relax in the magnificent view of nature

At the foot of Mount Paggaio and in the beautiful settlement of Nikisiani is the traditional guesthouse “Neromylos”. Its name is due to the watermill that existed, which was part of the Holy Monastery of Eikosifoinissi. Today, in this restored space that combines traditional architecture with neoclassical aesthetics, the watermill is a relic.

Enjoy your stay

The hall of the hostel is a warm place where you can comfortably enjoy your coffee and your meal on cold winter days by the fireplace.

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Along with your stay you will have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional breakfast but also to taste the local specialties of our place.

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Our space is designed so that we can have private meals for your special moments.

Our rooms

Relax with your family

Our fully equipped rooms will relax and unwind you. Looking from the balcony one will feel the call of nature enclosing him and invigorating him offering him the stunning view of the endless landscape that unfolds.

Discover our Place and Customs

The geographical location of the settlement of Nikisiani is in an advantageous position because in just 20 “-25” minutes you can be in the city of Kavala and Drama. It is famous for its many and beautiful sights, for its customs and Holidays, for its monasteries and chapels.

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Admire the sights of our area

Mount Paggaio

Mount Paggaio is carved by various paths that start at the surrounding villages. Specifically, it is the path of Avli, the path of Eikosifoinissi, the path of Nikisiani …

The ancient city of Philippi

The ancient city of Philippi was founded on the outskirts of the members that covered the southeastern part of the plain of Drama …

The cave of Alistrati

The cave of Alistrati located in the municipality of Zichni as well as the cave of Maara (Aggiti) located in the prefecture of Drama are of particular interest to visitors …

The picturesque port of Nea Iraklitsa

At 13 km from Kavala the picturesque port of Nea Iraklitsa gives a unique magic, making it one of the most beautiful villages in the area …

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