Nikissiani – Kavala

Nikissiani renowned for its many monasteries and chapels with which you must visit. Specifically Eikosifoinissa Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries that exist in our country, which is a place of attraction for many tourists worldwide. The Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist and the monastery of St. Demetrius. The vranokastro that stands tall in Paggaio offers an unrivaled view when you are there. Even us there and the archaeological site of Philippi, Cave Alistratis, the Laspoloutra Krinidon and the archaeological site of Amphipolis, with dazzling statue of a lion. Moreover, in less than half an hour you are given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches of New Ipakleitsas, Peramou and Dunes.

The geographical location of the village is located in a privileged position because only 20 "-25" minutes you can reach the city of Kavala and Drama.