Customs - Celebrations

Every year on January 7 revived the custom of groundnuts in Nikissiani. Men disguised, awe and fear in their passage from the streets and neighborhoods of the village. The Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in a special way. From early morning the people gathered in the courtyard outside the Monastery John the Baptist and traditional music enjoy the bean and the flying of kites.

In celebration of St. George celebrates the chapel of St. ffering fresh milk, egg and traditional brioche. In the next village (Palaiochori) on July 20 celebrated the Prophet Elijah with custom bag.

On 15 August the Monastery Lady Eikosifoinissa celebrates the Assumption, garnering thousands of visitors and pilgrims from around the world.

In late October, the chestnut Palaeochori hundreds of people flock to enjoy the beauty and taste the fruits of chestnut.

On November 21, in the village of Nikissiani celebrated and celebrates the Virgin Mary, the church which is also the patron of the village.